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Lisa Fromartz




Light At The End


Riddle in Red

Artists Statement

All of my work is an expression of my process of constantly questioning my relationship to the visual images and content I encounter daily. In my collage based work and sculpture assemblages, I take commercial materials, found objects, and printed images, all culturally coded by their original, intended contexts, and recombine them in a kind of visual mash-up, a remix of unintended juxtapositions that assigns new value and meaning. Collage and assemblage as compositional strategies allow me to be improvisational as well as intentional. My process of selecting and sifting these images and objects is my way of being mindful in the face of an explosion of information aimed at shaping our thoughts and emotions. In the Zeno series, I experiment with the expressive properties of light. I project light through my assemblages of metal, found objects, plexiglass, and translucent vinyl to create compositions of color, form, and shadow. I photograph them and further develop them digitally. Working with the luminosity of translucent materials and the projections of continuous tones, I combine painting, sculpture, and light. My work is an attempt to reflect both the complexity and the connectedness of everything in a way that is visually powerful enough to engage the viewer while subverting ordinary perceptions. Artistic practice is visible but not foregrounded as my primary focus. My choice, as an artist, to engage in a daily struggle to make sense of things and to express it in two and three dimensions, while potentially interesting in and of itself, does not take me where I want to go. I want my work to express both the impossibility of fully understanding our predicament and the passionate desire to confront it, to see what's in front of us with clear eyes and a sense of wonder, and to imagine the rest. I want the viewer to be more than edified. I want her to be moved.