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Artists Statement

Throughout my career, I have tried to produce unique and meaningful works that are

both timely and playful. My works may question diversity, visual kinetics, identities,

object-to-object relationships or real world concerns. Many of my sculptural works could

be thought to be somewhat figurative and non-representational while blurring the lines

between sculpture, painting, architecture, and installation.

I tend to make works that can be translated in multiple ways that question rather than

arrive at specific conclusions. The works submitted have concerns with visual kinetics,

form, color, object to object relationships and at times possess underlying sociological


These dimensional paintings, which I initiated in the late 1980’s, have influences

stemming from Minimalism, the Post-War New York School, Ellsworth Kelly, Turi

Simeti, Kenneth Nolan, Anne Truitt, Charles Hinman and others. Inspired by the

aforementioned art movements, I have created an organic, biomorphic and at times

anthropomorphic approach to three-dimensional stretched canvas works.

These submitted works are created by stretching canvas or other fabrics over a variety

of wooden armatures. With many different disciplines approached during production,

the final outcome of my sketching, building armatures, stretching fabrics, painting and

clear-coating never ceases to surprise me. With many requests for exterior display, I

have begun treating the raw fabrics with marine resins and top coating with either an

automotive, marine or aviation grade clear coat with high UV protection.

Over time, I have become very interested in Public Artworks through realizing my

work’s potential in this area. I have always considered many of my works to be

maquettes for producing significantly larger works and have been awarded projects

based on my smaller works as maquettes. These larger-scaled works have been

produced in a similar manner but from stainless steel tubing with fiberglass laminations

or lost plaster molds.

I remain consistently curious about the potential and direction of my artworks evolution,

which seems to take on an existence separate from myself. Clearing my mind of prior

influences, I intuitively create forms and unlikely alliances from a first impression only to 

prompt invention.