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Victoria Borisova




Magic Color Bursts (...

Artists Statement

In my work I blur the lines between disciplines, traditional and unconventional, I am intrigued by the constant transformation of the materials I choose to work with and exploration of their endless possibilities. 

I was born in Russia, my mother is a magnificent tailor. I grew up surrounded by the art of dressmaking, endlessly fascinated by the sculptural qualities of the textiles, and skillful manipulations that develop a flat two-dimensional piece of fabric into a three-dimensional sculptural structure, giving it a new life.

I am very passionate about dance and music. I have been taking dance classes for thirteen years since I was 3,5 years old, so very often in my work I am aiming to evoke the notion of movement, visual freedom and lightness of dance through my brushstrokes, clay modeling or the large-scale installation. 

I have started my artistic journey when I moved to New York, first with painting, then transitioned into sculpture, and finally came to the point where I want to work in both disciplines at the same time. My goal is to create a painting that is not limited by the edges or the size of the canvas, to make a sculpture that is light and flexible while durable, to make an artwork that I can keep changing as many times as I can. 

Therefore for my work I choose traditional for painting materials: canvas and paint, traditional for sculpture: metal wire that me and many other sculptors often use for the armature, then cut out the canvas into clothing pattern as a tribute to my childhood’s passion for the craft of dressmaking, so that finally when all the patterns are ready they can be choreographed into an abstract installation, that at the end becomes a painting of dance frozen in time and filled with the inner motion.

In Construction/Deconstruction (Transformation of a Sleeve) I am exploring its endless visual possibilities, giving my creation as many lives as I can. It consists of almost hundred separate pieces, that are assembled in a site-specific installation every time it finds a new home. This installation Is an extension of me that only lives temporarily and has an expiration date, the end is inevitable, but I see it as an opportunity for a new beginning.