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Uma Rani Iyli




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Artists Statement

Inspired by process, Q-tips serve as a continuum for me as they are everyday tools in both my domestic and professional realms. Through their role in my art, they are immersed in the colors inspired by traditional Sari’s and transformed into beautiful objects after being used as brushes for my paintings. Being open to all media, the Q-tip Connections Series resulted from what could have been discarded material from my studio practice. With a background in installation, I naturally look to material for inspiration. Seeing these remnants of my process as powerful symbols of connection inspired me to capture these colorful networks of Q-tips with curiosity through photography. Conceptually, these networks of Q-tips are about networking with people and making connections. Developing them with a contemporary photographic aesthetic helps tie them to the world of art & tech and makes these delicate arrangements accessible to viewers while carrying elements of my heritage and of past worlds.