Jan Kossen

Contemporary Art Gallery

Robert Uricchio





Artists Statement

Photography, for me, is more than simply attempting to capture a moment or place in time. I am a person who loves nature and being outdoors. Nature inspires me. Photography is the medium I choose to present my inspiration of nature to my audience... to inspire my audience as nature inspires me.

The green of the trees, the sound of a flowing river or nearby stream, the blue of the sky, the red of the earth....these are the elements that make me feel completely whole in nature. I use my camera as a tool to capture my contentment in nature and share it with my audience.

It is clear we all have our own vision. I see things in nature that no one else may see and I use photography to capture those things in life that are my personal vision, like the patterns and colors of frozen ice crystals or of autumn leaves reflecting off of a body of water. It is my goal as an artist to share my vision with the world and to capture details that no one else may see exactly as I do. And, it is true, that when someone is looking at my work he will see things that I did not see. I am then forced to see what I did not through the eyes of my own audience. That is the joy of photography for me. To create a personal vision, put it out into the world, and to reflect on what others see from my work.

Monochromatic colors, surfaces and forms of nature play a huge roll in my recent work. The more I film the details of nature the more abstract nature becomes. The more abstract it becomes the clearer my vision is that nature is made of fragmented, abstract elements that as a whole create a world of undiscovered endless beauty.

Through my images I hope to share with you some of that beauty and the splendor and freedom of nature and the outdoors that I have experienced and enable you to bring a piece of it into your world.