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Artists Statement


My work combines the visual and the conceptual. I want the visual statement to be profound, to be questioning and to be a source of inspiration and of beauty.

Conceptually, my work often speaks about hope, about humor and about the human condition: what it is and what it could be. Currently I am working primarily in oil painting, sculpture and mosaic murals. In my paintings I work with layers of intense color creating a deep almost primeval feeling space. My sculptures are outdoor installations using steel, stone, glass, wood and mosaic. The sculptures often have a political or social motif. The murals are often done in collaboration with community organizations.

I have a vision of a peaceful world, a world based on justice, compassion and human dignity. As an artist my work comes from that vision and from the understanding of how different that vision is from reality. Because I have seen so much of the suffering and the joy in the world in the eyes of children, I often use their images in my work in an attempt to show people the vision of peace and hope which most children carry in their hearts.

I attempt in my work to impact on an emotional level, to evoke laughter, tears or anger. It is the purpose of art, I believe, to confront, to challenge, to force the viewer to see and think about the world in a new and more profound way. It is my hope that experiencing my work will be one of perhaps many events that will influence people to envision and work for a more humane and just world.