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Contemporary Art Gallery

Philippe Halaburda







Artists Statement

Artist’s statement on imaginary algorithms and geographic abstraction

The quest of my unconscious territories

My abstract painting engages with the urban surroundings environment and calls upon emotional framework as a construct

to bring the viewer inside his own subconscious. Based on emotions, feelings or memories from my direct experiences, my

work delves into the complex undercurrents of intimate and collective relationships.

As I am interested in the randomness of cities and their relationship to human experience, I create imaginary topographies

that draw on my memory and experiences, but always working in an instinctual way. I have no preconceived notion of the

end products when I begin to paint and rely on my instinct for shapes and color.

I work abstractly and quickly, and I fi nd that the result is always still an expression of myself and my psychological state and

surroundings. I am infl uenced by the different light and colors in my environment and my color palette changes as I travel

and work.

Paintings, abstracted photos and digital artworks try to address broader the emotional structures within myself in an attempt

to examine contradiction, equilibrium and harmony of my psychological state.

I use forms and lines to suggest relationships, but prefer abstraction, as the viewer can fi nd their own meaning in my artistic

activity. On any kind of medium, I create imaginary coded and abstract algorithms taking up mental, geographic and collective

data that I discover with each new creation. I am seeking to perfect this technique and my process. The titles of my

creations are the result of this tracking by creating a new language.

My work and my language constantly evolve: since I am living and working In NewYork, it has begun to become more mathematical,

minimal, conceptual and graphic.

It keeps focusing on the quest of my own unlimited and unconscious psychological territories.