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John Wilson



Wilson Diptych

Artists Statement

The properties of my paintings; line, color, geometric shapes, precision, are all things I used for thirty years practicing architecture. They are things we all see in nature, in the built environment, and in other works of art. But each of my works is created as something new, something to see for the first time, something never before encountered. In contrast to my life as an architect, I now work alone, without clients, in a studio. I use flat-tones hues organized on square canvases in geometric shapes with hard lines. The colors cover the canvas from side to side and around the edges. The single requirement is to my expression which, in the end, creates an opportunity for a viewer to experience, to embrace, to reject or to ignore the work, all equally valid reactions. In representational art, the painter is given something, something from nature or from the built environment. He takes something recognizable, something previously seen. In creating my non-objective work I am given nothing, I take nothing. The painting imitates nothing. It is a new thing, a new fact, a new creation, responsible only to itself.