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Irfan Gul





Artists Statement

Irfan Gul currently teaches at the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.

I work on wasli paper with mixed media-pigments, acrylics, pen ink and dyes. Nature of the surface and its treatment through the process of „layering? are of key importance in my work. Layering of colors, especially on a surface such as wasli, allow the colors to embed in the surface as sufficient color grains are left behind even after a layer has been removed. This results in colors with a longevity, maturity and depth.
Truth, Beauty and Justice comes in a complete package with its important and inseparable ingredients deception, ugliness and injustice. In my present work, I paint self portraits- headless sometimes without limbs.
I strongly believe that a painting must express beyond the conscious and physical and leaves it to the viewer to feel that deeper meaning.