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Contemporary Art Gallery

Danielle Feldhaker







Artists Statement

My primary practice is painting with mixed mediums on transparent Plexiglas and

plastic sheets (such as bubble wrap and PVC) and creating large-scale installations.

My installations comprise paintings made of transparent materials with three-

dimensional objects and integrate video films and LED lights.


I seek to bring street and graffiti art from urban spaces into my work and integrating

them with private personal space to create relationships between internal and external,

opaque and transparent, concealed and revealed, and soft and hard.


The transparent plastic platform facilitates and reveals the stages in the work process,

almost like a painting turned around to show the reverse. The transparency gives away

the “behind the scenes” action of the work and causes the painted elements to look as

if they are hovering above the surface. The paint seems to be able to take off into



I work with a limited palette of black, red, blue, and yellow, referring (among others) to

Kandinsky’s abstraction, Mondrian’s geometry and color palette, and influences from

architectonic spaces. Rhythmic, abstract brushstrokes and spots of color are located

alongside geometric elements which form a boundary for the works delineating their

contours. The geometric forms convey a sense of emotionally-laden, floating elements,

seeking to purchase a handhold in a world eluding all definitions.


In addition to paint, I integrate collages of various materials, such as cut-outs from PVC

wallpaper with various patterns and color schemes, and long plastic strings unrolling

from the work to the floor.


Along with my formalistic, abstract, and geometric paintings, is a world of dense

drawings, with miniature, laborious images looking like encoded hieroglyphics. This is

an “other,” autonomous world of images with numerous symbols, some taken from

reality but most emerging from the imagination.


What interests me is the possibility of taking over a given space, creating an

intervention within it which disrupts it or creates a new visual space through the use of

plastic materials. They may be rigid or soft and flexible, enabling me to create 3-D

space and objects which may be transparent or semi-transparent. Through this

construction process, I examine the multi-layered visual information and create

painterly superimpositions through which I present the image, while having it partially

hidden and other parts of the image are revealed.