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In The Hood - Portra...

Artists Statement


“My weapons against injustice are my paints and brushes.” Conde

I grew up believing that art was meant to beautify a space. I still believe that. That is

why I love colors, abstractions and other forms of expression. But I also ask, “What if

an image can change the world?” That to me is more beautiful and powerful. I choose

difficult issues because I know that art can make a difference. They deal with pain,

racism, police brutality, poverty and society’s illness. But I have faith in humanity to

make change. I have faith in humanity to make things right. I have faith in humanity

that in pain, there is beauty. That beauty is the light of compassion. That light springs

action. The action is to make things right. To see each other eye to eye and know that

WE are the same and equal.


'In The Hood - Portraits of African American Professionals Wearing a Hoodie' was

created shortly after the murder of Trayvon martin in the summer of 2013. It's about

"Perception" and Reality and the profiling and racism that black and brown bodies

experience everyday. More magnified in Trump's America.