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Atsuko Okamoto




Geo 2

Artists Statement

Atsuko Okamoto is a geometric abstract artist born in Yokohama, Japan. Through her

art Atsuko explores the “architecture of the imagination" in which diverse geometric

elements are harmonized within a holistic visual universe.


Her art strikes a delicate balance, dynamic tension, and integration of "cool" geometric

forms accentuated by "warm" evocative colors. Dual hemispheres are united by a bold

central geometric element. The precise placement of geometrics evokes a sense of

movement (freedom) and stability (control) among contrasting (yin/yang) hemispheres.

Clean lines bring the composition into pristine focus.


“Atsuko’s art reveals the rich and riveting vision of abstraction by a gifted artist,” 

noted New York art critic Ronny Cohen. “Her sophisticated understanding of color and

form are expressed in the dynamic compositions she creates. Through exquisite

interrelationships of structures, shapes and hues, Okamoto’s vivid sensations of

elements in movement and their suspension in space speak directly to the imagination.

Each painting transports the viewer to a captivating pictorial universe where beauty

and harmony reign.”