Jan Kossen

Contemporary Art Gallery

April Hammock





Artists Statement

How one’s mind can potentially control the environment, and the effects the

environment has on one’s mind, are major focuses with this series of works. I

suggest these concepts through fragmented, mutated, cloaked figurative and

anthropomorphic imagery. Interlocking spaces and forms hint at the interchangeability

of time and space.


Throughout 2017, I'll be taking this concept further, focusing more on how the current

states of happenings can potentially divide and/or connect. I've also been exploring the

idea of time-lapse; how it can alter one's mind as well as the environment. The raw

nature of human thought, especially concerning mortality and sensuality are hinted at

with these new works.


Though, in the past, my work has been influenced greatly by the abstractionists –

Baziotes, De Kooning, Kandinsky, Kline, Matta, Pollock, and Rothenberg – recently

I’ve been investigating them more critically regarding their psychological connections

to color and space.