Jan Kossen

Contemporary Art Gallery

Alyssia Lazin




Between Folds

Artists Statement

As an art photographer, I am searching to transform the ordinary into an extraordinary visual experience. In seeing the poetry in everyday life, my painterly approach has been influenced by abstract artists. In abstraction one finds the richness of form, texture, color and light thus is thrown into another perception where one pauses to ponder, reflect and contemplate. Transformed images do not appear as they are but as they are felt, processed and remembered. This painterly move enhances the formalist approach. In the literal sense, that which was in the background moves forward and the foreground becomes the backdrop. Here is where a heightened sense of mystery begins.

More recently I have added the portrait to contrast the abstracted images. The portraits enhance the images, complement them and create a visual conversation. These diptychs and triptychs create the world of conceptual storytelling. It is this contradiction that results in a mysterious reality.